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Fabulously Safe

The Photographer Gray Malin  published a series of aerial photographs of  beaches, rows upon rows of beach umbrellas, arranged in a sterile layout, in surreal contrast to the recreational pastime they represent. The photographs made me think of vacations while we were in the middle of the COVID pandemic, and the lifestyle that we missed so much. Something about the ‘vacation’ that Malin’s photographs describe suddenly looks so relevant to the period we’re experiencing. A safe, protected vacation.

I realized that I wanted to create a tension between the feeling of freedom that resort attire brings with it and our need to regain that feeling in these turbulent times, and the need to protect ourselves with the help of protective plastics and gels.


The collection is a women’s resort collection which deals with the ‘new’ resort, when the resort of the past can no longer exist. The collection takes inspiration from both the aesthetics of the 50s and the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). The tension between pastels, order and meticulous beauty and the coldness of plastics and synthetics.

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